What you need to know about Dubai Desert Safari?- A complete Guide



Undoubtedly, Dubai is a perfect destination for a long holiday trip. If you are planning for a Dubai tour, there are many places you shouldn’t miss out. One among them is the glorious Arabian deserts of Dubai. You can get many options in Dubai desert safari from basic desert safari packages to luxury desert safari with delicious barbeques, tanoura dance and many more. Download the Desert Safari Brochure by GoTripAir to get a comprehensive idea about our package inclusions.

In this guide, we will have a detailed study of different aspects of Desert safari.

What you need to know about Dubai desert safari?

Here you can find:

Things to do in Dubai Desert Safari

Evening Dubai Desert Safari

Basic, Advanced vs Luxury Dubai Desert Safari Packages

Things to remember while going for a Desert Safari

How much does it cost for a Dubai Desert Safari?

Best time to go for a desert Safari


Dubai Desert Safari – A lifetime experience

bedouin camp in desert safari by GoTripAir evening Dubai Desert Safari by GoTripAir

To feel the real Dubai with all its essence, one should enter its roots; yes, we are talking about the Dubai Desert. The vast and expansive deserts create a breathtaking experience in our hearts. You can experience the cultural heritage and day to day leisure activities of the people here only when you go for a Dubai desert safari. If you are planning to visit Dubai or if you are staying in Dubai, then this is a golden opportunity which you should not miss out.

Comfort and luxury when combined make a trip more easy and interesting. That’s why there are different luxury and combo offers arranged by travel agencies which range from 60 dirhams to even a maximum of 1000 dirhams. Most of the luxury packages get you a pick up from your residence/ hotel apartment and drop you back home safe.

Things to do in Dubai Desert Safari

1. Dune bashing

dune bashing in dubai desert safari by GoTripAir

An adventurous desert safari is incomplete without dune bashing as this is the major attraction of Dubai culture for decades and centuries. Dune bashing was initially a pastime for the local Emirati people which later evolved as a super entertainment tour program for people coming all over the world.

Dunes are hillocks of loose sand particles which occur in different shapes and sizes formed due to the swift movement of the wind. Dunes are mostly found in beaches and deserts. Dune bashing is a main desert sports activity as a big 4X4 sports utility vehicle (SUV) like the Toyota Land Cruiser or Fortuner is used for riding.

Once you get seated, the vehicle moves at crazy speeds while going up and coming down against the sand-dunes in order to maintain a perfect balance. Dune bashing is an adrenaline pumping and extremely thrilling activity. While you go at a rapid speed over the silky soft dunes, you experience a roller coaster ride as you cannot sit idle. You will have to slide and jump from your seats as you move along with the bumps.

Don’t worry about the risk factors as the drivers are extremely skilled and they ride in a very professional manner mostly in a convoy of vehicles to ensure better safety. Moreover, the Dubai government has implemented many rules and regulations in order to get you a pleasant and healthy treatment.

There are different dune bashing packages available like the golden dune bashing, red dune bashing, hummer safaris among which the red dune bashing during the evening Desert safari is the most popular one.

2. Sand Boarding

sand boarding in dubai desert safari by gotripair

Is there anyone who doesn’t like to hike over the sloppy sand dunes? Then this might not be for you. Solo travelers… This is for you! All you need is to bind your feet along with the baseboard which helps in smooth sliding. It is much similar to Snowboarding but the materials used are quite different.

Have you wondered what Sandboard is and what it is made of? Sandboard is a piece of equipment much similar to snowboard and is made of laminates of fiber which is often waxed (for gliding purpose) before a run.

Although you feel it quite adventurous, it is very safe and easy. Moreover, you don’t need to be skilled to do this desert-based sports activity. Just by practicing it for two or three times, you can become a better slider. Irrespective of age and gender, you can do sandboarding throughout the year. This brings equal excitement as that of dune bashing and is a major hit now among the visitors of Dubai desert safari.

3. Camel Riding

camel riding in dubai desert safari by Gotripair

There are many things that add fun to a camel riding among which the significant factor is the camel itself. You get a 10 to 20-minute camel ride which makes your trip more relaxing and full of joy. And what else, the guides will get some awesome photos of you with the camel. So what are you waiting for? Step back in time, and go for a friendly camel ride in the magical Arabian desert!!!

4. Emirati Costume Photography

bird holding in dubai desert safari by gotripair

Great tours create a lifetime memory. So as with capturing snaps. Don’t you feel your journey becomes more memorable when you have those photos of your near and dear ones with you? Desert Safari gives you the opportunity to wear ethnic Emirati gowns and let you take photographs as well. You can cherish those beautiful memories back home.

5. Heena Painting, hookah smoking/ sheesha (hubbly/bubbly) and Bird Holding

heena painting in dubai desert safari by gotripair Sheesha in Dubai desert safari by gotripair

Inside the arabian camp, you can see plenty of new and interesting things to do. Women and children can get free henna paintings done. Another highlight is the sheesha or what we call as hookah smoking. Shisha is a practice of smoking through a pipe or a bowl with a jar filled with water and you can take in refreshing flavored smoke from it. This arabian tradition is a trend maker among tourists as this gives a different level of experience! If you like birds especially arabian eagles, then you get a chance to take a photograph with an Arabian eagle. (Note: The availability of these activities depends on the package you opt.)

6. Delicious barbeque with Buffet (Unlimited tea, coffee, drinks, and water included)

dubai desert safari barbeque by gotripair Dubai Desert Safari package by GoTripAir

In the camp, you get a very yummy and delicious Arabian cuisine with a variety of barbeques. The buffet dinner includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items such as salads, potatoes, rice, hummus, desserts and many more…Tea, coffee, water, and other drinks are unlimited throughout the trip

7. Tanoura Dance, Belly Dance, and Fire show

belly dance in dubai desert safari by gotripair tanoura dance show in dubai desert safari by gotripair

Here comes the main highlight of the evening camps! These are the live entertaining programs not to be missed when you come to Dubai. Tanoura dance is a very skillful dance practice which is commonly seen in Islamic countries especially Turkey and Egypt. The dancer wears a heavy multicolored skirt and spins with the beats of the song played for about 30 minutes or even more. It is a religious dance form which is much similar to Sufi dance. This looks very difficult as the dancer spins at a high speed for a long time and stops at the end without any dizziness.

Belly Dance is one of the most popular dance forms in the world with lots of feminity and elegance. The dancer wears a richly embroidered dress and makes some amazing vibrant moves. It requires a very well maintained and structured body with sensual acts that keep the viewers awake and energetic.
The fire show is an exceptional dance which is difficult and at the same time very dangerous too. It is truly an epic sight to see the dancer’s risky acts with fire.

Evening Dubai Desert Safari

dubai desert safari camp by gotripair bedouin camp in Dubai Desert safari

Your typical desert safari experience in Dubai begins with a tour operator reaching your location by noon at about 2 to 3 pm, picking you up from there and driving you straight to a rest stop area near the desert. Once you reach a rest stop area, you spend there for about 45 minutes. It is the meeting point of all the land cruisers where the drivers finally deflate the tires so that you don’t stick in the sand.

Depending on the package that you choose, you get dune bashing for about 30 to 40 minutes, thereby taking to an Arabian style Bedouin camp in the desert. You get all the mentioned activities to do there which is included in the package. As you also get time to explore Dubai desert, you can join for other rides like quad riding also by just paying some extra amount on that spot.

The concluding part of the evening will be in a Bedouin camp– a small and lively desert camp filled with a number of untainted activities. You will be wondered to see different things here especially the BBQ setup with arabian style buffet. If you are ready to pay an extra amount of 50 AED, you will also get VIP seats to sit and have dinner on your table. Isn’t that super exciting?? You don’t need to go and fill your plate as all your favorite food items would be served on your table. So sit back, relax and watch the most entertaining night shows live! The trip gets ended by 8 to 8:30 pm after which your private car will get you back to your apartment.

What is there to offer more in an evening desert safari? Evening desert safari creates a spectacular scene rich with adventurous activities, outstanding night shows and relishing Emirati dinner buffets. This is perfect for both families and groups who wish to explore Dubai life with all its truthfulness. Unlike Morning and afternoon safaris, you get more time and if you turn lucky, you can also witness an awe-inspiring sunset in the middle of the desert with your dear ones!

Basic, Advanced vs Luxury Dubai Desert Safari Packages

Dubai desert safari dinner by gotripair

If you are not budget concerned, then a luxury desert safari package would be your best choice as you get VIP treatment with all amenities mentioned above at the fullest. You also get a private pickup from your residence and drop you off safe back home ( this facility is enabled in Advanced package as well) whereas, for the basic package, you will get a bus shared with many other tourists also with no pick up from your spot (a common destination will be informed for pick up).

Moreover, you get the best Bedouin camp where the whole setup is rich and luxurious. The programs are all well organized with unlimited and delicious food of different variety. You will get more time on the rides and activities and will surely give you more pleasure. For instance, you get 40 minutes for dune bashing whereas, for basic Desert safari package, you get it in 10 minutes.

If you are coming with a large group of people and you think that you won’t be able to afford the price, here comes the basic Desert safari package for you. In the basic package, you need to spend less when compared to the luxury package, thereby helping you see and understand what Dubai Safari is in actual (some of the activities mentioned above may not be included). But to enjoy a desert safari to the fullest, the only option is ‘Luxury Dubai desert safari’.

Things to Remember While Going for a Desert Safari

• Dune bashing causes so many twists and turns. So try to avoid having a heavy meal just before Dune bashing.
• Since you are traveling through the desert, put on sunscreen lotions to avoid sunburns and carry a pair of sunglasses.
• Wear loose cotton clothes which will make you comfortable even during the day time. Note: There is no restriction on wearing any clothes.
• Low heel slippers or sandals are preferred to shoes as you can take off sand easily as compared to shoes and socks.
• There is no need to carry juice or water as all will be provided whenever required.
• Don’t forget to carry your loaded camera to take some exciting snaps and keep little cash with you for personal purpose or in case you want to spend for any rides extra.
• Always make sure that you follow all the safety instructions and measures. Although the tour agency will take care of you and reach you safely back home, you can save the number ‘999’ in your mobile for emergency purposes. This is the police number valid everywhere in UAE.
• Children under 3 years are not recommended to go for dune bashing.
• Pregnant women are restricted to go for a dune bashing.
• People with back problems should reconsider about going for dune bashing.`

How Much does it Cost for a Dubai Desert Safari?

Dubai Desert safari can range from a minimum of 60 AED to a maximum of 1000 AED. The prices differ as you select different combo offers. The best way to spend judiciously is to get all the main amenities and get it the maximum so that your money spent goes worth. For instance, check GoTripAir’s basic package which costs 69 AED and advanced package at the cost of 120 AED and luxury package at 200 AED.

Best Time to Go for a Desert Safari

Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the UAE where the emirate of Dubai shares borders with Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the northeast, and the Sultanate of Oman in the southeast. The topography of Dubai is different from other parts of UAE as you can see more clean and fine sand here making it ideal for tripping whereas in other states mostly the sand is gravel.

You can visit the Dubai Desert at any time. But the ideal time to go for a Dubai Desert safari would be during the winter season ie, from November to March as the temperature falls to a maximum of 24-degree Celcius during days and 14 degrees Celcius during nights.


Of all the places in Dubai, Desert safari stands first as it creates an exhilarating experience which is a very rare and unique feature of a city like Dubai. It is the natural wonder of an Arabian land. It showcases the traditional side of Dubai and enables you to do a good number of things starting from dune bashing, sand boarding to have a luxury BBQ buffet with finest, enchanting cultural night shows! There is always something special for every one of you to enjoy here.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, we could say that it is the most favorite tripping experience for any travel freaks.

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