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Is going for a Musandam tour your long term wish? Do you know that you could travel to  Musandam without an Oman visa? Yes, you heard right, you could visit Musandam Dibba for a one day tour. You can reach the Gulf of Oman by crossing the UAE border and visit one of the Middle East’s most magnificent destinations, called Musandam. For this, you need to be a resident of the UAE or have a valid UAE visit visa.

You might have heard of the prestigious Norwegian fjords! Fjords mean a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs. It would be the longing travel destination of every travel freaks in the world, who would love to explore nature in its purest form. And if you want to reciprocate the same in the Middle East, here comes Musandam for you.

Musandam Peninsula- The beauty Secret of Oman

GoTripAir the norway of Arabia by GoTripAir people playing in Musandam by GoTripAir

Musandam, also known as the Norway of Arabia is a peninsula located in Oman which got created as a result of barren mountains and shallow beaches. Its capital is Khasab which is a small city and less populated when compared to other nearby cities. The city’s population is dominated by people in the mainland Oman who come for a vacation to Khasab.

You can also see people from different countries especially like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who work here in restaurants, resorts and as tour operators. The city is naturally surrounded by the northern mountains of the Western Hajar Range. You can spend some quality time exploring the beaches and mountains, going for a crazy banana boat ride, sailing on a dhow cruise to see a virgin piece of a peninsula, swimming, snorkel your life to find pearls, trying your hands at fishing, exploring the caves, marvel at the limestones or simply gazing at the blue waters.

Musandam, Oman- an easy trip from Dubai

Musandam Sight Seeing by GoTripAirmusandam sight by GoTripAir

As you may be aware of, Musandam has gained much popularity in a short course of time that the travel operators do a great job by arranging all-inclusive exciting packages for attracting tourists and foreigners coming to the area. From scenic road trips to picturesque cruises, there are virtually numerous ways to soak up the rugged beauty of the peninsula.

Even if Musandam is in the Omani territory, it is very much accessible from UAE, especially from Dubai and Sharjah. It takes only 3 hours to reach Musandam by road. The proximity of this natural paradise makes Musandam an inevitable trip for the people in Dubai. It is a perfect getaway destination for everyone who wishes to escape from the glamour and glitz of the bustling city of Dubai.

At GoTripAir, you can receive well organized and co-ordinated trips as we exclusively arrange Dibba Musandam tours 365 days a year.  We guarantee that you will enjoy to the fullest as we take your trip as our responsibility. Here in this blog, we’ve put together the best tips to help you plan a trip to this exotic region of Musandam peninsula of Oman! Before reading further, let’s watch this recent and amazing Vlog made by Xplore Mojo.

What to know about Musandam one day tour?

Here you can find:

How to Visit Dibba Musandam without entering Oman?

Itinerary to visit Dibba Musandam

Things to Do in Dibba Musandam

The real Benefit of Musandam Dibba tour

Drawbacks of Khasab Musandam Tour

Things to remember while traveling for a Musandam Tour

International Lunch Buffet in Dhow Cruise

Best Time to Visit Musandam


How to Visit Musandam without entering Oman?

Let’s see the steps to get a Dibba Musandam One Day Entry Permit.

  1. Call the travel agency who arranges one day Dibba Musandam tours. Call 3 days prior to the planned traveling day (During seasonal holidays, you need to call earlier as bookings might get filled.)
  2. Send them the (i) passport copy and (ii) Visa copy

If you are a resident of UAE, then a valid resident card copy is enough, else your visit visa copies should be sent.

Now sit back and relax. All you need to do is to wait for the entry permit which will be issued soon and you can travel safely. Don’t forget to bring the original passport and visa card as you need to present it in the checkpoint.

Itinerary to Visit Dibba Musandam

As we want you to completely enjoy your Dibba Musandam trip, we plan a full day Musandam trip from morning till evening. Your day will start early as you have to reach by 7:30 am at Burjuman Spinneys or Al Qusais Grand Hotel for pickup if you reside in Dubai. Or else you can come to Rameez mall near Stadium if you reside in Sharjah. Don’t worry if you do not reside in Sharjah or Dubai as we also can pick you from the border if our bus goes that way (eg: people residing in Fujairah, Ras al Khaima and places nearer to Sharjah and Dubai ). In such cases, our tour operators will contact you and suggest you the best pick-up points for your ease.

From the pick-up destination, you have a two and a half to three hours of journey by road until you reach the Dhow cruise. Don’t forget to carry your documents as you have to submit those for checkpoint clearance.

After the road journey, you will be seated in the traditional style huge Dhow cruise which can accommodate almost 2000 passengers. You can sit back and have soft drinks while you relax. You will get half an hour cruising where you can see the Hajar mountain ranges spread around 500 sq. km throughout the journey.

You can also see Fishermen’s village or Sakhi village which is the oldest village among the 33 small villages in Musandam. Most of the villagers are fishermen here as Musandam is considered to be one of the main fishery lands of Oman. Yes, you can explore the diversified and rich amount of fishes and aquatic animals here!

The Dhow cruise will be landed in Hafa Beach where you can start your water activities like banana boating, powerful speed boat riding which can accommodate a maximum of 20 people together, cave riding and many more. You can also explore the blue water here by snorkeling and swimming.

After the activities, you can get back to your dhow cruise and have a delicious continental style buffet lunch organized by us. Don’t worry, you do not have to pay extra as it is all included in the package. You also get soft drinks, snacks, and water unlimited. Your kids can play around the area and can see some funny cartoon characters, all ready to entertain your kids.

By 6 pm, the Musandam Dibba trip comes to an end. You can pack your bags and get seated in your respected buses and head towards Dubai. By 9 pm, you will reach back home safe.

Things to Do in Dibba Musandam

What can be the main things or activities you could do in Dibba Musandam? Have you ever wished to have an adventurous and at the same time a peaceful vacation? There are many things that Musandam can offer you. You could simply gaze at the Musandam beach, the Hajar Mountains and watch dolphins entertaining you sitting on a traditional dhow cruise. While if you wish to do some adrenaline-pumping activities, there are many choices for you. That is why, Musandam is highly recommended, especially the Dibba Musandam. It will surely wonder you and make you love nature.

Want to know more?? Download the  Dibba Musandam brochure organized by GoTripAir to find the fun-filled activities in Dibba Musandam.

Here come the 7 most desirable things in Musandam for which you can take part to the fullest for any number of times.
Things to do in Musandam infographics

1. Traditional Dhow Cruise
2. Banana Boat Ride
3. Snorkeling and swimming in Hafa Beach
4. Dolphin sight
5. Hajar Mountains Sight-Seeing
6. Speed Boat Safari, Cave Riding and Fishing
7. Visiting Lime Stone Area and fishermen’s villages

1. Traditional Dhow Cruise

group photo in Dhow Cruise-GoTripAir children playing in Dhow cruise-GoTripAir

The dhow cruise sailing into the fjords of Musandam beaches is one of the most impressive in the region. It has become a favorite choice for many travelers in the region because it is a leisurely, well-rounded way to navigate the exquisite fjords while enjoying all the comforts of a Cruise. You will relish the astounding sheers of steep cliffs on blue waters, navigating on a large wooden dhow boat that is equipped with cozy Arabian style cushions and carpets.

2. Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boatride by GoTripAir banana boating by GoTripAir

This is a must-do activity if you are visiting Musandam!!! Banana Ride is a watersport activity where almost all age groups of people enjoy together with great fun. Even non-swimmers are allowed to participate in banana boat rides, provided one has worn a life jacket given by the boat staffs. It’s a perfect adrenaline booster for fun seekers and in addition, it strengthens the cardiovascular system by giving a good workout in water during this activity.

Steps to be Taken Care of while going for banana boating: 
Before getting into it, make sure you keep extra clothes with you for changing after the ride.  Watch a funny video on Banana Boating. The most hilarious and fun element in a Banana Boat Ride is that you will be pushed down into the sea at the end of the ride.  DON’T WORRY because it’s 100% SAFE as you are wearing life jackets.

Whoever planning for a vacation with family or friends should not miss this spine-tingling experience in Musandam beaches. As these crazy boats can accommodate at least 4 people at once which is perfect for group touring, banana boating stands top and is a highly recommended thing to do in Musandam.

3. Snorkeling and swimming in Hafa beach

Snorkeling by GoTripAir diving in musandam by GoTripAir

Among the pretty number of virgin beaches in the area, the most captivating and pristine one is Hafa beach. Just imagine that you are a water animal visualizing the whole diversities of the underwater world!!! Here comes Snorkeling for you then!

As you know, Snorkel is a piece of equipment that aids swimmers to discover the underwater world. The device is fitted into a swimmer’s mouth which allows him to breathe down into the water. Viewing Sea world is mesmerizing and wonderful as we get the opportunity to see innumerable lives which we haven’t even imagined in our whole life.

So whenever you get the opportunity, you should grab this and not miss the chance to swim under the beautiful Hafa beach for exploring the aquatic life! The Dhow Cruise operators and travel staffs will take care of all safety precautions. Go ahead folks and pump up your adrenaline!!!

4. Dolphin Sight

Dolphin sight by GoTripAir

How many of you had that fortune to witness the smartest animal on planet jumping off the drops in front of your eyes? If you are lucky (depends mainly on the weather conditions there), you can watch the dolphins swim alongside you!

Dolphins can easily be seen here jumping around the wooden dhow boats you are cruising.. These playful creatures would be peeping onto your camera to take selfies and give you a pleasing retreat. This is the most enjoyable thing to do in Musandam. Just have fun and just enjoy the cool breeze and the ride with these beautiful creatures!!!

5. Hajar Mountains Sight-Seeing

sight seeing GoTripAir Hajar Mountains by GoTripAir

Get ready with your loaded camera to capture some of the most enchanting views in the Gulf with picturesque landmarks and background. The sight of beautiful Hajar mountain ranges around the beaches will take you to another world of mere tranquility. As spotted earlier, the captivating views would give you a feel as if you were cruising through the gorgeous Norwegian Fjords!!! No need to regret then, if you couldn’t catch up with the latter!!!

6. Speed Boat Safari, Cave Riding and Fishing

speed boat safari by GoTripAir speed Boat Ride by GoTripAir handline fishing by GoTripAir Cave Riding By GoTripAir

While traditional dhow cruise gives you a mesmerizing feel, the action-packed Speed boat safari and Cave riding grant you the real thrill and excitement. These are the major fun activities of Musandam that you can do in a group. Watch the most thrilling video on Cave Riding.

The region is equipped with some of the most fascinating marine wildlife. So you can try fishing from your dhow and to your surprise, you may be lucky enough to catch one for the trip home!

Literally, you get Goosebumps when you do any of these delightful activities with all the equipment and life jackets provided to you.

7. Visiting Lime Stone Rock and fishermen’s villages

Lime stone rock in Musandam by GoTripAir Haffa Beach by GoTripAir

The limestone rock has gained much popularity among travelers as they get to see white-colored rock standing upright near the Hajar Mountains. Over the years, the rock has transformed into a cave where the water here is crystal clear and transparent that you can see the marine life underneath.

Apart from that, you can see the fishermen’s villages and meet some of the local people over there. Thereby, you get to know more about their tradition and life in Musandam.

The real Benefit of Musandam Dibba tour 

Bachelors in Musandam by GoTripAir Girl in Musandam by GoTripAir

The best thing is that you can visit Musandam Dibba in Oman by attaining a one-day permit. For that, you need to apply through the travel agencies by submitting a UAE Resident Visa copy or a visit visa copy and a passport copy. Make sure that you apply 3 days prior to the planned tour (for seasonal Holidays, you need to apply as early as possible as the bookings get filled at a faster pace).

And guess what? It only costs AED 149 for adults and AED 99 for children between the age group of 3 to 11 inclusive of all the fun activities, traditional dhow cruising, international buffets, snacks, refreshments, pickups, and drop-offs.

To know more about the package, check the Musandam Package by GoTripAir.

Drawbacks of Khasab Musandam

Whereas if you prefer going to the Khasab area by road, you require an Oman visa provided you are a resident of the UAE. You will not be allowed to visit Musandam if you are on visit visa. Moreover, the government issues a visa only for people who are designated as a manager, executive or similar categories. Although you get a dhow cruise or a resort to spend quality time or even spend multiple days, most of the water sport and fun activities are missing there.

Things to remember while traveling for a Musandam Tour

i. Carry your passport and visa copy with you.
ii. Keep your camera or phone charged to take some good snaps.
iii. On the cold days of November and December, carry sweaters or pullovers with you to keep yourself warm.
iv. International Buffet and other refreshments are provided. But it is advisable to carry special dietary food for babies.
v. Carry sunscreen lotion or moisturizers to protect yourself from the weather conditions and salty water as you do snorkeling too.

International Lunch Buffet in Dhow Cruise

international lunch buffet in msandam by GoTripAir Continental lunch and refreshments in Musandam by GoTripAir

To add up, the Dhow cruise you hire if offers you a cuisine of international standards with an ample amount of food and refreshments (like I had with GoTripAir), then you are going to have a great journey with relishing memories.

We were offered a buffet lunch which included a combination of both Indian and continental food inclusive of the package list. This makes your journey more easy and perfect as you don’t need to roam around the city to find a good restaurant.

Best Time to Visit Musandam

Overall, the day time temperature of Musandam ranges from 20°c to a maximum of 38°c throughout the year whereas the night temperatures are comparatively lesser. The best time to visit Musandam would be from mid-October to March as the atmosphere is cooler (below 30 °c). Still visiting during summer is enjoyable as the area is surrounded by Hajar mountains and airfare to the Gulf is much affordable.


Beyond any doubt, you can bet Musandam to be one of the area’s most beautiful destinations. You not only get to know about the adorable places here but also the rich culture and heritage of Oman. Right from the Hajar Mountain ranges to the aquatic sports at Musandam beaches, even the very limestone rocks at the peninsula would make your journey a worth remembering one.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready. Musandam is calling you folks. Go ahead and enjoy a perfect holiday trip.

Remember: “To travel is to live..”

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FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions | GoTripAir


1.  What is there to do in Dibba Musandam?
ans. These are the 7 top things you can do in Musandam.

1. Traditional Dhow Cruise
2. Banana Boat Ride
3.Snorkeling and swimming in Hafa Beach
4. Dolphin sight
5. Hajar Mountains Sight-Seeing
6. Speed Boat Safari, Cave Riding and Fishing
7. Visiting Lime Stone Area and fishermen’s villages

2. Is pick up and drop off included in your Dibba Musandam package?
ans. yes

3. What are the Pickup and drop off locations?
ans. (i) Dubai

a. Burjuman Spinneys    b. Al Qusais Grand Hotel

(ii) Sharjah

a. Rameez mall near Stadium (if more than 10 Guests)

(iii) For people residing in Fujairah, Ras al Khaima and places nearer to Sharjah and Dubai can
come to the border. From there, our bus will pick you. Therefore, the price remains the same
because we are allotting seats for you from the border only

4. What is the Pick-Up and Drop off times?

ans. Pick up – Morning 7 am
          Drop off – Evening 8-9 Pm

5. Which part of Musandam does this tour take?

ans. Our tour package is exclusively for Dibba Musandam operating almost all days a year.

6. Are documents needed for the Entry Permit to Musandam?
ans. Yes

7. What are the documents needed for the Entry Permit?

ans.   a. Passport 1st-page
            b. Valid Residence visa page copy
            c. Visit visa copy (If the guest is in visit visa)

8. Is Original Passport Required for traveling to Musandam?

ans. Yes, valid Original Passport is required for check post checking.

9. Can a person who has a visit visa of UAE go to Dibba Musandam?

ans. Yes, Sure. there is no exit stamp. We need to show the passport when we reach the border.

10. Can Infants go for the Musandam trip?

ans. Yes, 6 Months and above infants can travel safely with us.

11. How much does it cost for a Dibba Musandam trip for an individual and a child? Is it all-inclusive?

ans.  AED 149 for adults 
          AED 99 for children (age group- 3 to 11)
          Infants- free (age below 3)

Yes, there are no hidden charges. All activities in Musandam dhow cruise, boat rides, cave ridings, transport facilities, entry permit, Lunch, and everything which is mentioned in the package are included in this package.

12. Is this trip for families or for Bachelors?

ans. Everyone can join our one day Musandam trip. It’s for all.

13. Is this a multiple days trip?

ans. Our Dibba Musandam tour is a one-day trip which is perfect for your weekend getaways.

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