Know How to get a UAE Visa in Easy Steps – A complete Guide

know how to get a UAE visa in easy steps

Millions of people all around the world come to UAE as expats to settle down or to visit UAE. Considering the rate at which people are coming here, UAE offers many visas to different nationalities. As Dubai is in the top list of the major tourism countries of the world, there are multiple types of visas to enter the UAE. You can choose any of the visas and apply through a travel agency. You can also lengthen the days you need to spend in the UAE provided that you apply for visa extension also.

Here you can find:

Tourist Visa

Visit Visa

Transit Visa (Good News)

UAE Free Visa for under 18’s

Visa Extension

What are the requirements for a UAE visa?

Check the Visa-free countries and Visa on Arrival Countries

The Reasons Your Visa may get rejected


Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is obtained if a person wants to visit UAE for leisure activities and for meeting family and friends. You are able to visit any places in the UAE within the time limit of the visa.

Types of Tourist Visas

14-Days Tourist Visa
30-Days Tourist Visa
90 Days Tourist Visa

These are “single entry” visas. This means that whoever gets a tourist visa can only enter UAE once. So your visa gets expired after you exit UAE even if you exit weeks before the visa expiration.

Visit Visa

Visit Visa is for those who come to the UAE for a job hunt or to attend any job interviews. Then you might be thinking why not a tourist visa? This is because if you get a job offer from UAE, your visa status can be transferred easily to employment Visa.

Types of Visit Visas

30-Days Visit Visa (gets a grace period of 10 DAYS)
90 Days Visit Visa (gets a grace period of 10 DAYS)

Both can be single or multiple entries. You can fly back to UAE even after leaving UAE provided your visa has not expired. This is a “Multiple Entry” Visa.

Transit Visa (Good News)

48 hours Visa (extendable till 96 hours)

The transit passengers passing through UAE can get a transit visa valid for 48 hours or a total of two days, FREE of charge. It can be extended up to 96 hours (a total of 4 days) for a minimal fee of AED 50. Please call: 0559974460 / 0522317440 / 065559731 to apply or to get more details.

Visa Extension

If you are longing to stay in UAE even after your visa gets expired, then you can apply for visa extension or renewal for 30 days or 90 days. This saves time as you need not fly back to your home country for a visa change.

There are mainly 2 methods for visa change.

Visa change by flight

Visa Change by Bus

What are the requirements for a UAE visa?

  • Your Passport copy (Passport must be valid for at least 6 months)
  • Your passport size photo in white background

If you know someone who is already a UAE resident, it would make your visa approval process more easy and smooth. Such a person will be your “Guarantor”. Some documents required from them are:

  • Your Guarantor’s passport copy
  • Guarantor’s Visa copy
  • Emirates ID copy of the Guarantor

Visa Free Countries and Visa Arrival Countries

Are you among the Countries which don’t require a visa to enter UAE?
The GCC  citizens need not apply for visa application to get an entry in UAE. They only have to present their GCC country passport or national ID card at the point of entry into the UAE.
Countries who get Visa on Arrival

1. Andorra
2. Austria
3. Australia
4. Barbados
5. Brazil
6. Belgium
7. Bulgaria
8. Brunei
9. Canada
10. Chile
11. Costa Rica
12. Croatia
13. Cyprus
14. Czech Republic
15. Denmark
16. Estonia
17. Finland
18. France
19. Germany
20. Greece
21. Grenada
22. Hungary
23. Honduras
24. Hong Kong
25. Ireland
26. Iceland
27. Italy
28. Japan
29. Kazakhstan
30. Latvia
31. Liechtenstein
32. Lithuania
33. Luxembourg
34. Malta
35. Montenegro
36. Malaysia
37. Monaco
38. Netherlands
39. Norway
40. New Zealand
41. People’s Republic of China
42. Poland
43. Portugal
44. Romania
45. Russian Federation
46. Seychelles
47. Slovakia
48. Slovenia
49. Spain
50. Sweden
51. Switzerland
52. San Marino
53. Singapore
54. South Korea
55. Ukraine
56. United Kingdom
57. United States of America
58. Uruguay
59. Vatican City

The Reasons Your Visa may get rejected

Even though the UAE visa process is a hassle-free and very convenient, there are times your visa may get rejected. Following are the important points to be noted in order to make the visa approval smooth without any delay.

  • If you have previously applied for a tourist visa but didn’t enter the country, then the PRO of the travel agency through which you applied or the sponsor must get the clearance from the immigration department
  • Keep a check on the name, passport number and profession code while applying for a visa. Any errors will cause a delay in getting approval, or result in rejection.
  • Make sure that your passport copies are clear if you apply online.


You need to fill the application form and submit the required documents mentioned above for getting a UAE visa.

You can contact us for any queries regarding visa and visa change.
Click the link image below for more information:

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Author: Chithra Nair (Content Writer and Digital Marketer)
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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ’s| GoTripAir
1. What kind of visas do you provide?
Ans. 30 days visa, 90 days visa, 96 hours visa

2. How can I get a UAE Visit Visa?
Ans. We only need your passport size photo in white background (softcopy) and a passport copy(soft copy) which is valid for at least 6 months. You can mail us or WhatsApp us.

3. How many days will it take to get a visa?
Ans.  Within one to two working days, you will get your UAE Visit Visa.

4. Should I state my purpose of the visit when I apply for a visit visa?
Ans. Yes, you need to give a written statement on the purpose of visit visa

5. When can I apply for a UAE visa?
Ans. You need to apply 58 days prior to your planned travel date. Once you have applied, you need to enter anywhere in UAE within 2 months.

6. If I have a valid Sharjah or Dubai visa, will I be able to travel to the other Emirates?
Ans. Yes, once you have a valid UAE visa, you can travel anywhere within the country.

7. What should be the validity on my passport?
Ans. A minimum of 6 months validity is required.

8. What is the age criteria for applying for UAE visa?
Ans. There are no age criteria to apply for a UAE visit visa.

9. How will I receive my UAE visa?
Ans. Visa will be sent through mail or WhatsApp.

10. Is the visa application fee refundable on a rejection of the visa application?
It is not refundable even if the visa gets rejected. But we can provide you a refundable form to fill and send it to the authorities.

11. How can I extend my UAE visit visa?
You can renew your visit visa for 30 days or 90 days.

12. Is there any grace period for UAE visit visa?
You get a 10 days grace period for both 30 and 90 days visit visa.

13. What happens if visit visa expires in UAE?
You need to re-apply if your visit visa expires.

14. How can I check my UAE visit visa validity?
Ans. You can contact us for validity details or you can check through echannel.

15. Is the air ticket charge also included in the visa cost?
Ans. No, the price is only for the visa. We can get your air tickets at affordable prices.

16. How do I apply for a visa to bring a relative, or a friend or anyone?
Ans. Please send their passport copy( valid for at least 6 months) and passport size photo soft copy (in white background). You can send your passport copy, visa copy, and emirates id copy as you are the guarantor. This is for smooth processing.

17. How can I extend my UAE Visit Visa?
Ans. You can renew your visit visa for 30 days and 90 days by road or by flight.

18. What are your office working hours/timings?
Ans. 10:00 am to 8:00 pm from Saturday to Thursday. You can call us at any time.

19. Do I need any insurance or hotel booking or ticket copy or any other document to get my visa issued?
Ans. No, only the required documents mentioned in question 2

20. What are the main reasons for visa rejections?

Mostly your visa will not get rejected if you have provided proper details and documents. Please click this to know more.

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