Dubai Dhow Cruise – All you need to know.

Dubai Dhow Cruise All you need to know


You might be knowing about Dhow cruises in Dubai. Dhows are traditional Arabic wooden vessels used in ancient times for fishing and trading purposes. By the course of time, they got replaced by larger ships. As tourism in Dubai emerged, these dhow vessels were again reshaped into cruises for people to experience an innovative way of sailing. This evolution of Dhow cruises has transformed the Dubai tourism industry.

Dhow cruising is the most fascinating water activity one should not miss out when he or she visits Dubai. Anyone who comes to Dubai should grab this amazing opportunity to cruise down the canals of Creek and Marina.

View of Dubai Dhow Cruise by GoTripAir

Here are some interesting facts about things to explore in the magnificent Dhow cruise.

1. Witnessing the fascinating views

Boat journeys are always so relaxing and rejuvenating as you happen to see a piece of scenic beauty in front of your eyes while you feel the cold breeze as you sail down. Dubai offers its guests two different kinds of cruising experience located in two places namely Creek and Marina. While passing through the creek river canal, you can find how an emirate developed into a vibrant city by discovering the ancient history of Dubai. In contrast, Marina engages its customers with some awesome scenic beauty of the skyscrapers and tall buildings.

View of Dubai Marina by GoTripAir View of buildings from Dhow cruise

Don’t miss out to watch the Heritage village, the gold souks, Old Boat Fort, while you cruise down the lakes of Creek. On the other end, Marina depicts the wealth and richness of modern Dubai.

2. 4-star delicious Dhow Cruise dinner experience

Now this will be your favorite part as you get to taste a highly delicious four-course dinner which is a combination of European, Arabian and Asian styles. The desserts make your evening more fabulous. Apart from the buffet, you get Arabic coffee, the region’s specialty, and Arabic dates. Overall, you can upscale your dining experience in a traditional Dhow cruise.

non veg food in Dhow Cruise by GoTripAir dhow cruise dinner by GoTripAir

3. Live programs, A charismatic experience

Entertainment is the part and parcel of Dubai city. Whether you go to the streets or attend very well organized programs, entertainment activities and live performances go hand in hand. When you enjoy the calm and serene nature of the city, you can watch some refined performances by a group of talented people. Tanoura folk dance which recalls the authentic Egyptian heritage is the showstopper. Your eyes get stuck on seeing some professional dancers spinning at a lightning speed. Their colorful attire with heavily weighted skirts makes the show a remarkable one. Kids enjoy the most as they get to see a lot of new things like magic shows, horse shows, live music and many more.

4. Make your loved ones’ day special

Whether it is a romantic night with your partner or a delightful evening with your family or friends, Dubai Dhow cruise has many things in its pocket to steal your heart. Although you get two hours of sailing experience, you can also arrange birthday parties, wedding anniversaries or any social, recreational events for your loved ones just to make their special day even more special. You can also customize the timing and cuisines according to your taste and interest.

Dubai Dhow Cruise Itinerary for Creek and Marina

  • Our Dubai Creek and Marina cruise start its journey by 8:00 pm and sails through the city for 2 hours.
  • As soon as you get inside the cruise, our staffs will welcome you with drinks, Arabic coffee and dates.
  • Our staff will lay down a 4-course dinner buffet as you watch the scenic beauty of the city. You can have dinner either in the air-conditioned lower deck or on the upper deck which is open air.
  • You will get to see a number of programs like Tanura dance show, traditional Arabic singing, etc. The magic show and horse show are the favorites of kids.
  • Altogether it will be a great experience for you. After two hours of journey, you can go back home cherishing all the sweet memories.

Costs of Creek and Marina Dhow Cruises

The prices of Dhow cruise packages are comparatively cheaper than any other tour activities in Dubai. The Dhow cruise Marina costs a total of 120 AED whereas Creek Dhow cruise costs only 69AED.


Dubai is a one-stop travel destination to people all around the world. Being a tourism-based country, Dubai is always so keen to keep its tourists in surprise and amusement. Every traveler finds something unique and much worthy in Dubai. You get to see large monuments, colorful cities, interesting cuisines be it Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, American or any kind. Dubai gives you a different level of experience with its cosmopolitan nature and ease of accessibility to things.

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